Midwest Stunt Fest Mania!

Riders, Vendors, Spectators, Fans, Wheelies, Stoppies, Burnouts, Drift Action, Racing & everything in between… The Midwest Stunt Fest Event was a blast of a time & fun was had by all!

The Event started on Friday with open riding all day where the riders came out and just tore it up or practiced all day. It was great for all the riders to be able to come out and ride and practice and have fun before qualifying started on Saturday. Saturday morning everyone was scrambling to make sure that themselves and there bikes were ready to qualify for the Individual Freestyle competition.

Everyone put in some great runs for qualifying but at the end of the day the guys on top were as follows: 1st Jason Larson 2nd Patrick Mathews & 3rd Jack Kluge.

Sunday came way to soon being that most everyone had way to much fun the night before. They started out with the 50 comp on Sunday and Cyle Stoutenberg came out on top with his great control on that little 50. They then went straight into the finals for the individual freestyle. Most everyone was still feeling it from all the fun that was had the night before but some how everyone managed to put in some killer runs. The competition was a bit closer on Sunday so everyone had to put down some good runs to not be taken out by another rider. 

The Final results for the competition were as follows: 1st Place-Jason Larson, 2nd Place-Patrick Mathews, 3rd Place-Charlie Ewald

A big thanks goes out to Jeff Farris from Whisper Performance for putting in all the hard work on the event and making it happen! It was fun filled event! 

Also Congrats to Larson from SquidWheelies who ended up taking that top spot and bringing home the win!

Cant wait for the next Midwest Stuntfest! Gonna be even bigger and better! 

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